In 1834, Victor, Count of Kerouallan, grand son of the Seneschal of Quimperlé and descendant of the famous Venitian Dandolo family, extends his properties and buys the lands of Kerlarec.

   The château, first named Château de Kerouallanic is completed and blessed. No chapel is built there then. It is already in the Manor of Rosgrand, 2 miles away, which is part of the huge estate of the family.

   Constance, the Count’s daughter marries the Lorraine-born Baron Etienne Charles Alfred de Lépinau, descendant of a brother of Joan of Arc.

   They setlle at Château de Kerlarec. Four towers are added to the building, as well as an orangery and stables. They will have nine children.

   J B Anglade, a master glassmaker, at the request of the Countess, realizes four impressive stained glasses illustrating the life of Joan of Arc, being inspired by the faces of the family members.

   The entrance hall has kept its unusual original panoramic wallpapers whose reproduction can be seen in the Museum of Mulhouse.

   “From good to better without any detour” is the family’s motto engraved in the stained glasses of the entrance door.

   Kerlarec has retained its architectural integrity and still exudes the elegance, luxury and refinement of the 19th century.

   It is all the small touches which make a stay at Kerlarec so special, a real experience of French gentry.

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